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Queensland, beautiful one day, damaging the next!

Australia has many wonderful claims to fame. From sun soaked beaches to a rugged outback, from rainforests to deserts, we have much to be proud of. However, with great beauty and vastness comes great risks. One of our dubious claims to fame is the high level of skin cancers.


At Barefoot Medicine, we are proud and honoured to exclusively host Dr Nelson. Dr Nelson is your local go to for all things related to skin cancer and cosmetics. Dr Nelson offers skin checks at $135 with a rebate of $80.10 (extra on weekends & PH)  and bulk bills concession card holders, Biopsies and after care are bulk billed. 

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Concerned about the health of your skin or concerns over your facial aesthetics? Dr Nelson conducts health practitioner/patient led consultations which could result in recommendations for prescription led treatment. All treatments are offered in house by Dr Nelson.

Note: This does not include dermatology.

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